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Opening The Third Eye

November 30, 2012

The Third Eye, the Ajna Chakra,  the sixth chakra, has to do with clairvoyance, psychic abilities, and Intuition. It has to do with expansion of consciousness. It is the gateway to a higher expanded and refined consciousness. The two physical eyes see the past and the present, while the third eye reveals the insight of the future. The seed syllable is AUM. When this chakra is activated is a balance takes place between the solar and lunar energies within the body. This brings a sense of oneness and of unity with the Cosmic Laws that appear in the plane of austerity. One becomes one-pointed. We, humanity, as a collective family are now in the process of activating the sixth and the seventh spiritual senses.  The seventh spiritual sense is the Higher Abstract Mind.

Opening the Third Eye- Chakra Resonance

Indigo and Crystal Children!

November 29, 2012

My daughter is blessed with two boys and I love them all to death. One of my grandsons has all the symptoms of being an Indigo teenager, he’s going on 13, and the other one, going on 10,  has all the symptoms of being a Crystal child.  She certainly has her hands full and sometimes it all gets to be just a wee bit tooooooo much! It also gets too much for the teachers obviously who have not been trained for the younger generation. Needless to say the indigo has a huge problem in school, no one knows how to handle him. Here’s a photo I received today from my daughter and the text she added to it. I’m glad to say she was in a good mood today so she found it funny too as I did when I saw it. He usually drives her bananas or up the wall, either way, she’s ready to pull her hair out!  R hates studying as much as he hates authority and constantly disrupts the class with his mischievous behavior. His concentration span is about 10 minutes max, if he’s interested at all that is. The Khan Academy guy got it just right! He knows what he’s talking about and he found a good solution for the English speaking public. I wonder when he can have his videos translated to French.

Here’s what my daughter wrote: Just found this photo on my photo booth that R did a few months ago, he is funny I must say, he should really get into comedy. I think he’s imitating his German teacher here!  I have to add here that my grandson is a handsome little fella…usually!  God, if that’s what his German teacher is like I don’t blame him! Do you? I couldn’t stop laughing! And as I am suffering from a bad cough right now, I was laughing and coughing, laughing and coughing……….My daughter is trying to find him a special school for ADHD kids and all she gets from him is: You want to send me away because you don’t love me!  He sure knows how to press her buttons the little rascal. Of course as his grandmama he twirls me around his little finger easy! I know exactly how he feels, because, I am an indigo too you see and I used those very same words too. Indigos were always here only not in such a large number as now. No one knew of these words back then, indigo, crystal, adhd, add and all that. Kids were just branded different and very difficult.

MIDWAY a film by chris jordan

November 28, 2012

Oceans Beaches and Birds! and on the subject of trashl Watch this trailer and stop to think again about where you leave your garbage plastic or otherwise next time you’re out enjoying yourself on any beach! To see this 3 minute trailer is heart breaking. I never thought that birds eat anything other than what is good for them, I thought only some bigger fish do that?  I guess there’s some truth in the common saying after all, about someone who’s not so smart to having a ‘bird’s brain’ ?!!!

Please share this trailer with as many people as you can to raise awareness!

MIDWAY a film by chris jordan

Israel is the Real Terrorist State

November 27, 2012

To make it very clear I am not anti-Semitic but I am anti-terrorism! I am for peace and justice for one and all, free of tyranny and injustice. We are living through special times in our human history, of full exposure of all that has been hidden from everyone, injustice and untruths hiding behind lies lies and yet more lies. It is time for peace now and we will only have peace in our world when people are informed and evil is exposed. Why do I feel so strongly about this? Because I was in Baghdad, my hometown where I was born and raised, over half a century ago, when we were inundated with traumatized Palestinian families who were chased out of their homes overnight while they were having lunch, dinner or asleep in their beds and their homes were taken over, clothing furniture pots and pans and all, by the Israelis.  What was done to the Jews by Nazi Germany was a great injustice. Absolutely no denying that. But that does not give the Israelis carte blanche to terrorize innocent Palestinian Moslems Christians and Jews! What did the Palestinians do to the Jewish population before the Israeli State was imposed on them against their will? Nothing – they were living side by side in peace.

As we as a human family expand in our consciousness and awareness level we are beginning to take notice, to understand more, so we can make up our own minds. Enough is enough. We know that war and terror of any kind by anyone, is not the answer.

I remember my horror when I watched 911 destruction of the twin towers. I thought it can’t be real it must be a movie clip but it was real. Then as we were waiting to see how America would react to this attack, I thought the only sensible thing to do, to avoid a world war, would be to bombard the Arab world with packages of coca cola cans, sneakers, mobile phones, lap tops, T shirts, chewing gum, smarties, brownies, hip hop music CDs, CD players, and more such stuff! Now if America had been large enough in spirit and smart enough in mind, to have done that, how do you think our world would look today? The Arab  fanatics and Kor’an brain washed youths would worship and adore America and would be far too busy enjoying themselves and having fun! There would have been more love spread around and no room for hate. But America had their own agenda it seems.

I don’t need to say more, watch this video for yourself and make up your own mind. Feel free to share.

You want to see Auras?

November 24, 2012

By now I guess everybody knows that everything has an aura. If you’re someone who does not believe this then it’s time for you to think again about what you believe or not. Not to worry, no one is forcing you to believe. But read on you might find this interesting. Aura is energy. Aura shows the quality and the color of the energy surrounding you or any object. Some people have a gift and can see this easily, some have to learn to see this. Some people can feel the energy without seeing the aura. If you’re someone who feels energies, then you probably feel when something feels good or bad. Example you meet someone and you instantly feel bad vibes, you feel uncomfortable in the presence of this person/s, which means you are feeling the energies! If you’re someone who sees auras then you might know that dark murky colors is more on the negative side and bright clear rainbow colors are on the positive side. The aura also gives you an idea of what the person is thinking about! The aura also tells you how healthy the person is! How cool is that!

If you don’t see and you don’t feel then here’s help for you. I found this cute young guy who’s showing you how you can learn to see aura. It sounds so easy. All it takes is practice. Practice makes perfect as you know. Or don’t you know that? Well, now you know. Practice makes perfect. If you want to excel and shine at anything you do not have to be a genius, all you need to do is to practice. This is all part and parcel of your self development and moving on to higher consciousness. Watch this video and have fun with it. Joy is the Key for excellence.

What is Consciousness?

November 19, 2012

Yeah – what is Consciousness?

In my books consciousness is what make us human. HUman. Get it? HU is  another name for GOD or the Divine, which makes us Godly or Divine beings. This is what separates us from animals. So a part of us is not physical but spiritual and consciousness which is invisible. Scientists are busy searching desperately to find consciousness in the brain mass! What a waste of time and money! The brain mass is a part of the hardware. Without the software programs the hardware cannot do anything, can it? And without someone operating the software programs……….

The physical body is a magnificent awesome incredible factory created by some  super brilliant Genius!  Consciousness and Spirit which can only express itself individually through the physical brain and physical body is what gives it life. This simply means, to me anyway, that I, Me, Myself is an invisible mysterious entity, a spiritual entity and I use my physical body, for as long as it can serve me, to express myself and to experience physical life.

Without my physical body, whoever I am, wherever I come from, wherever I exist cannot possibly join in the fun or the hazards of life on earth without a physical body. The more conscious I am, the more aware I am, the more I understand, the more I perceive, the more I live on a higher level  of existence and the more control I have over this physical body. This means I AM the captain of this ship as long as it holds together through the rough storms of life one earth. And once this body is gone then I AM off to greener pastures!

Here’s something for you to reflect on and to wonder…..

Palestine and Israel! Truth will Out!

November 17, 2012

Consciousness is at work and everyone has a deep inner urge to speak out and expose whatever muck has to be exposed. We are witnessing this on many levels. It’s the only way for us the human family to go forward towards a better future. I usually stick to spiritual and self development issues when I express myself in my blogs but with the senseless bombardments of Palestinians and Israelis in the Middle East that could very well escalate to a war involving the whole of the Middle East, I feel I can’t but have have my say. I am very pleased that some taboo subjects are now being spoken about in public.

For you to understand why I feel compelled to write this, you’d have to read my book Once Upon a Time in Baghdad which is an non-fiction creative autobiography of the first two decades of my life in Baghdad. Interwoven within my personal story, you’ll find many interesting tales of other muti-cultural families and life in the city as it used to be, including some brief general history of the Middle East, going back to the beginning of the last century, including Palestine and Israel.

When I came across this video today on you tube I had to share it with whomever might be interested. And everyone should be aware of what really goes on in the world. We all know politics is a dirty business and we know no politician anywhere speaks the whole truth, they call it being diplomatic! A nice word for lying. It’s better to be called diplomatic than be called a liar. It sounds so much better.

So here is a man, a peace activist, Miko Peled, a Jew, who is speaking about how it really is/was in Israel. This is a must see video, for all who care about human rights, about peace in our world. I am for peace and freedom for all alike. I am for justice for one and all and I am for the simple truth. I do not care for fanaticism of any kind. Fanatics in my opinion are stuck, lack intelligence and, therefore, do not evolve simply because they are stuck in their small mindset.  Another man who also wrote a book about Palestine is ex President Carter. His video also on youtube is called Jimmy Carter Unveils truth about Israel. His book’s title is Palestine: Peace Not Apartheid. There was a very large Christian population living in Palestine when Israel was established. Jews Christians and Moslems lived side by side without killing each other.

Send vibrations of love and peace to the Middle East when you read this blog and see the videos. Perhaps these positive vibrations will penetrate into the brains of those in power on either side and they will finally agree to live in peace. To live and let live. I am convinced the ordinary folk on both sides would have no problem to live side by side in peace and harmony, if it were not for full of hatred egoistic paranoid politicians.

Jewish Man Exposes Israel’s Lies

Om Trayambakam Yajamahe-Popular Mahamrityunjaya Mantra

November 16,2012

This one is the original Indian version!

The great mantra dedicated to Shiva as Mrityunjaya is found in the Rig Veda. It is called the Maha Mrityunjaya mantra, the Great Death-Conquering mantra, referring to the furious aspect of Shiva, the Tryambakam mantra, alluding to Shiva’s three eyes, and it is sometimes known as the Mrita- Sanjivini mantra because it is a component of the life restoring practice given to the primordial sage Shukra after he had completed an exhausting period of austerity. The Maha Mrityunjaya mantra is hailed by the sages as the heart of the Veda. Along with the Gayatri mantra it holds the highest place among the many mantras used for contemplation and meditation.

Om Tryambakam – The Life Giving Prayer

This one is the western version of the above original mantra! Perhaps this resonates more with some of you. Either or both versions are excellent for meditation and healing.

Take a few moments sit back, relax and listen to this video, it is healing to body mind and spirit. Listen to it many times over and it will heal you physically, emotionally and mentally.

If you feel like chanting the mantra along with the video here are the words.

Om Tryambakam Yajamahe   –     Sugandhim Pushtivardhanam – Urvaarukimiva Bandhanaan   –     Mrityor Mukshiiya Maamritat

10 Super Health Foods

November 11, 2012

I thought I’d like to share this video with you from Corrina Rachel, it’s on you tube, explaining the 10 best nutritious foods that we should make sure to include in our daily diet.

10 Super Foods

If you’re interested in developing your Light Body this is an excellent tip as one of the steps to bring you nearer to your goal.

Tips on how to go from junk foods to health foods!

  • Take it slowly, one step at a time. The wise tortoise approach here is better than the rash fast huffing and puffing hare approach!
  • Stock the health foods at home to make sure you have them handy.
  • Begin to include them a meal at a time i.e. one meal a week, then go to two meals, then go to three meals a day. So that after a few weeks you end up with one healthy day a week. For one day a week you eat no junk food, only healthy food passes your lips!
  • Keep that up and continue with adding another meal at a time on another day so that you end up with 2 days a week of nothing but healthy foods.
  • Continue with this pattern and take as long as it takes you and your body to adjust. Until you get to 6 days a week of health food and on the seventh you eat all the foods you desire. This can take you weeks or even months, it does not matter, go at your own pace.
  • Drink a lot of water, healthy still water, preferably not sparkled.
  • No alcohol, no coffee, no black tea, or if at all just one glass or one cup per day. No sodas!
  • Drink a lot of herb teas. You’ll get used to it. The human is a creature of habit.
  • Cut out sugars and sweet stuff as much as you can.
  • Exercise daily at least one hour of walking. If you can do the gym or swimming or jogging even better.
  • Breathe consciously i.e. be aware of every breath you breathe. Your breath connects you with the Creator. Breathe as much fresh air as possible.
  • Make sure to get enough healthy sleep. Your soul needs the good rest to recuperate from the day’s ordeals. Besides if you give your problems up to dreamland, you will find the solutions and they will be clear to you when you are awake.

The more your body gets used to healthy quality live food, the more your body will desire that and the better you will feel. Don’t despair if you keep breaking your pattern, just keep on,  listen to your better judgement, the constructive voice within you. That’s the one who cares about you and loves you! Do not listen to your monster within that keeps leading you on the wrong path. That’s the one to ignore. The more you ignore that destructive voice within the fainter it will get. Don’t give up on yourself. You are much greater than you think.

Healthy food is nourishing, energizing, improves the mind and brain power and also helps with keeping your emotions on the positive track. Good Luck and above all have fun! Life is about doing what you do with much JOY!