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Welcome to Aquariantime!

December 21, 2012

Here we are, we’ve crossed over officially, the alignment of the sun, earth and the centre of the galaxy is now history. Definitely a one in a lifetime event not to happen again probably ever! Who knows? And we are all here and alive!

Some people really believed that it would be the end of the world, or did they? Maybe they just enjoy the hype, the noise, the partying, the drinking and the dancing!

We are now in the Aquarius Age when the cycle of the Female Energy Guard is taking over from the Male Energy Guard which has reigned our earth for thousands of years, causing much conflict, havoc, war and heartache. Now we can look forward to peace, love, compassion and more of the same positive qualities which will eventually reign over earth and the cosmos. This won’t happen overnight of course, but be assured it will be over the next few years. We have actually seen the beginnings of this all around us worldwide  with many wrongs being exposed and the call of the people to put things right. Mother earth and nature itself join in helping to clear the way for the unity consciousness of the new age.

Now is the time for you to evolve to make the shift from brain consciousness to heart consciousness. Any leaders out there still thinking with their brains and their intellect? Any left brain people out there still who demand physical proof? Take note – Thinking with your brain is OUT, thinking with your heart is IN! It’s duality consciousness versus UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS. If ever there was a time to wake up from a deep slumber – the moment is NOW to begin to learn to live in your heart, the gateway to the Divine!

May we all enjoy the journey of our evolution, may all Beings be healthy and happy! May all suffering end!

Take a little time to watch this short video. 

The Power of the Heart 

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Violence and Guns!

December 17, 2012

Little kids go to school On Friday morning December 14, 2012 and don’t come back home! A teenager, seemingly normal quiet Adam Lanza shoots his mother and then goes on to the school where his mother teaches and shoots randomly at 20 kids and 6 grown ups including himself. Everyone wonders at what must go on in this young boy’s head! and Why? Was he angry with his mother, so he decides to eliminate her and then go after kids in the school where she teaches? Was he jealous perhaps that she spent more time with the kids than with him?  Why would a school teacher have so many guns at home so easily accessible to her teenage son? Many questions that need answers.

It seems the messages of increasing senseless violence, in particular with guns, are not going through to some people’s stubborn crystallized brains. Some argue its not the weapons its the people that are evil. Others call for more weapons to defend oneself. Go to the movies with a gun in your pocket, give teachers guns so they can defend the kids and so forth… they argue. Can you imagine that? The US is going backwards to the old wild west! No one blames the media of course. No one blames violent movies, and violent videos games that most kids play nowadays.

Newtown Connecticut

Our prayers, sympathies and thoughts go out with love to all the families who are mourning. A horrific senseless tragedy. 

Two major factors to keep in mind from my point of view. One is that cosmic energies influence all life on earth, which includes our thoughts and behavior. So with the crossing over of the ages from the Piscean Age to the Aquarian Age, the different energies play havoc with our thinking and feeling behavior. If we are strong, well-balanced, mainly positively inclined we’ll be fine, the aggressive warring energies of the Pisces will not have a negative affect on us. But if we are a little unbalanced, vulnerable, with a weak character and more negatively inclined, the energies will emphasize these antagonistic traits and could make a vicious person out of a seemingly harmless quiet individual with suppressed emotions. The turbulence inside of such a person can be like a volcano that is ready to erupt at any given moment and anything might trigger this person to flip. It does not mean they are evil, it just means they have temporarily gone mad. They have literally lost all their senses.

The other is this – wherever our attention is that is what we become. Nothing new, anyone who has done any kind of self-development course, knows what this means. In other words, we are what we see and hear. When we expose ourselves to violence on a regular basis, as most youngsters are today with violent movies, and playing endless hours with video games that require no more than to shoot, destroy, eliminate, blow up, everyone who crosses your path on and on so you can reach the goal to be declared a winner of the game, what do you think happens in the brain of the player? Especially with young people whose brains are easily impressionable. Soon they will become so immune to shooting, killing and death that for them there is no difference between real life and a video game. They will be shooting, killing, eliminating, real people in real life empty of all sense or feeling, just the same as when they play the video game. This is the scary reality.

As long as people’s priority is money, status, fame, greed, selfishness, accumulating material objects, void of all positive feelings such as love, empathy, compassion, kindness, common sense, caring for and about each other this wave of violence is not going to stop.

Dream Till You Drop Dead. DTYDD!

December 13, 2012

Dream Till You Drop Dead. DTYDD!

I must have been dreaming so I missed posting here yesterday which was the one time in a million date 12:12:12! I was busy posting an entry on my other blog about the special date, which you can read here should you be interested. On receiving a comment from a reader just now referring to an article I wrote some years ago to do with dreaming, saying ‘Thanks for the insightful article. I found it very informative, keep up the great posts!’ I went back to my other blog to read my article again and I thought that would be very appropriate to add here, since it is just as valid as ever. The energies of the new age are ready, willing and able to help you manifest your dreams, so go with the flow and be the Co-Creator that you are meant to be. What did Jesus say exactly? All these things Ye shall do also! and he meant just that. He meant that there will be a time when we can create miracles just as he did. And this time has now arrived! So read on….


If anyone has ever told you to stop dreaming, that dreaming is a waste of time, that dreaming is building castles in the air, that dreams never come true, just smile, ignore them and carry on dreaming. Don’t pay any heed to them. To stop dreaming is to stop living. Dreaming is practicing the faculty of imagination, and life is all about imagination and creation. Our whole universe is all about imagination and creation.

To keep your imagination active, you open yourself to the world of ideas, ideas that come from nowhere and everywhere. Ideas that spark your imagination so you can dream about all the things that you can do, could do, should do, will do, and just perhaps by some magic you get that inner push to act upon one of your ideas and dreams. When you take the first step then as if by pure magic doors will open to you once your mind is open to hear, to see, to be aware, to receive, to discover the opportunities that are presented to you every single day.

To keep your dreams alive you cultivate an inner passion, a passion that is energy in motion and as we all know today, like a magnet, energy attracts like energy. Have faith in yourself, believe in yourself, believe in the impossible and know that anything is possible in this world. It has happened to millions before and will continue to happen to millions more so why can’t you be one of those millions who create miracles? No reason at all. None whatsoever.

No matter how far fetched your dream is, continue to dream it. You create your world with your thoughts, you set the pace, you pave the way with your thoughts. Of course if you fold your hands, sit back, cross your legs, and do nothing, nothing will happen, your dreams will remain in the field of thoughts. What you need to do is to follow your thoughts with the physical aspect, rub your hands together, roll up your sleeves. take a deep breath and prepare yourself to do whatever it takes to help your dream come true, have a plan, be aware, be ready to take action at the right moment. No one has achieved anything in life without desire, personal dedication, discipline, focus and action. You are needed to cooperate to co-create with the universe to manifest your dreams.

Some people are gifted by birth and things come easily to them, so much the better for them, others might have to struggle more, and maybe that is a lesson in itself to learn how to struggle to achieve what you want so that’s OK too. Just keep at it and never give up. If too many obstacles come in the way, take that as a sign to take a step back, to relax and wait, wait for the right moment when things begin to flow, when there is less resistance, then continue on your path and give it another go. If that still doesn’t work then perhaps you’re on the wrong path and need to rethink your desire, in other words, it’s no use to knock your head silly against a brick wall. Maybe your desire is too selfish. Find another way to achieve your dream.

There’s an old saying ‘if you can dream it you can become it’ and that is exactly how it is. You cannot possibly have a dream if you are incapable to live it. Keep that in mind and continue dreaming, imagining and creating. Have fun doing it, whatever you do, do it with joy. Joy is an important element of creating and manifesting. Oh, one other very important point, whatever you do it has to be for the good of all concerned. The universe will appreciate that and will always work with you.

We are meant to love, to live, to have fun, to play, to work, always with great joy and always remembering the Divine in all our actions that should always be for the good of all concerned.

Ads from the 1950s!

December 10, 2012

This you have to see to believe!

Yes that’s how the thinking was just half a century ago.  Boy have we moved on since then! This is circulating the web now in Europe hence the French translation on the side. It’s offensive, it’s funny, it’s stupid, it’s incredible how far we’ve moved forward since then. Thank God!

This is a PP presentation, if you click the words Vieilles PuBs below it will download and you’ll be able to see the Power Point. Sorry I didn’t know how else to do this. Have a laugh watching this and be incredulous, this is what your mothers had to go through! Not very enlightened era huh? I bet in 50 years from now, the young ones will think we lived in the dark ages!

Vieilles PUBS incroyable

Santa Claus Swiss Team goes to Work!

December 6, 2012

Swiss Kids can now mail their letters to Santa! Santa’s Swiss Christmas team is at work again, preparing to answer letters from children and to forward them on to Santa’s official address in Rovaniemi in Finland. The Swiss team is based in Chiasso, Ticino, the Italian speaking south part of Switzerland. Last year they received 16,077 letters, drawings or small objects such as tiny cars for Santa, and they managed to answer, with a Christmas tale and small gift and thank you card, 15,400 of the letters.

The other 4 percent had so little information about the sender it was impossible to send a reply. The letters come in a variety of languages, with some creative mailing addresses, such as Gesu Bambino, Via delle stelle, Paradiso, Liebes Christkind im Himmel, Père Noel, and Pole Nord! Very creative kids with lots of imagination!

Santa’s helpers send their replies in English, French, Italian, German and Romantsch, the fourth language in Switzerland still in use by a small number of Swiss with their own schools and radio station. The letters sent are postmarked Berne Bethlehem. Berne is the capital of Switzerland and that’s where the Swiss head post office is!

It is that magical time again! Magical for the kids, also for us grown ups as we remember friends and family members, share dinners and gifts. Let’s try to be more conscientious this year about spending money for useless presents, drinks or parties. Let’s try to be more generous than usual this Christmas, less selfish, let’s think of the millions of kids around the world who cannot celebrate Christmas nor have any idea what it feels like to receive a gift! Let’s give to at least one child in our area  who is in need. Let’s make a point to be kind to kids, the elderly and sensitive to needy families around us. As per the Cosmic Law of Giving, the more we give, the more we will receive. Give without expecting anything in return and this law will surely work for you.

This is a very very special year, we are witnessing some extraordinary times in the history of humanity, there won’t be another one like it in millions years to come. It is high time now for us all to let go of all greed, resentments, anger, fear and any other negative energies that we might still be holding on to. Instead let’s try genuinely to fill our heart with kindness, compassion and love for all living beings. You’ll feel all the better for it as you flow with these positive feelings, with the cosmic waves of the energies of the Aquarius age flooding our planet. May peace reign on earth and may all beings be happy.


December 4, 2012

If this doesn’t make you smile, move your hips in your chair, and feel inspired and joyful, then you’re a lost case….. Look at them young and old, soldiers, police and street cleaners, wedding party and kids all joining in the fun with snow and champagne! Imagine our world if everybody and I mean everybody, politicians and soldiers, warmongers and talibans, all fanatics and terrorists and rigid bureaucrats would just give up all their stupidity, stubbornness, competitiveness, greed and egos and just dance to the wonderful tune of life. Oh what a world this would be……. Why do you think the talibans forbid music and dancing, because they know how to limit and entrap the human spirit, crippling it to submission. Pure JOY is the fuel of life, God wants us to be joyful. It is a law of the cosmos. So be joyful in whatever it is you do, experience the feeling of joy. This is also what keeps you healthy.

Play and listen to happy, rhythmic, uplifting music as much as you can anytime, anywhere and everywhere, it’s medicine for the soul and for your whole well being. Make your friends happy. Pass this on to all your contacts, may all living beings be happy!