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American Soldiers Are Waking Up!

You need to see this video. These are young American men who are thinking. Finally!  They dare to think! Bless them all.

The most surprising fact is that not many more thousands are speaking up. Are they all asleep, afraid or are they void of all consciousness?

Here’s someone who recognizes who the real enemies are!

You need to read my book to understand the Arabs, Iraq, Baghdad, and the history behind it all and the role that the Western world plays in the Middle East….. otherwise you literally have no idea about anything. Western media doesn’t even give you half the story. Baghdad has been reduced to rubbles leaving a damaged broken skeleton of a society behind. The question is WHY? What was the real reason behind all this senseless bloodshed and destruction? And who has benefited from it all? And why are they able to get away with it? Why is this not considered a war crime?

Born and raised in Baghdad I was moved to write about the first two decades of my life in Baghdad in the forties and fifties when Baghdad was a modern thriving cosmopolitan city with people from all backgrounds and religions were living working socializing rubbing shoulders side by side with no problem. This was the case in all of the modern cities of the Middle East. What happened and why? To satisfy the shameless greed of some and ignorant fanaticism of others millions of families all over the world suffer senselessly.

Once Upon a Time in Baghdad  easy pleasant enriching educational informative reading giving the reader a taste of life as it used to be that not many know or remember. Most of the older generation who knew has passed away and the younger Arab generations have no idea just what they are missing.

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Consciousness and Sacred Geometry

January 18, 2013

Behavior is what counts!

The structure of the universe is pure consciousness. This means that your behavior is what counts most! It is your consciousness that shapes your reality. What you are experiencing every moment of your life depends on the level of your consciousness. Light and goodness will always win over the dark and the evil. As long as you live in a fear based low vibration energy you are trapped in a limbo state unable to move forward. You can rid yourself of your fear by making a decision to accept things as they are, and  move forward fearless no matter what. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The Law of Vibration – from my book Cosmic and Universal Laws – available from

But watch this video first!

Mathilda’s Solo!

January 17, 2013

About aging with Grace and Fun!

The first e mail message I opened this morning was from a friend with this video clip about a young lady of 94, yes that’s right, 94 years young, (it would be an insult to say 94 years old) dancing the quick step in a competition! Uplifting and inspiring for both young and old!

Our world would be a much happier place if we all aspired for the same goal: remaining young and agile, light on our feet and always ready to have a laugh and some harmless fun, in spite of all the harsh realities of life. Its an attitude that  helps us to stay physically healthy and emotionally and mentally sane, with a positive outlook on the bright side of life.

It’s like giving her finger to the other darker unhappy sad evil side of life with all its depressing news and diseases! So there, she’s saying:

I, for one, choose to focus on and to enjoy the side of life that is full of LIGHT & JOY!

Take a few minutes, watch amazing Mathilda, and you can’t help but smile. Make up your mind right here and now to aim for the same. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain!

ARTIFICIAL EYE – Help for the Blind

January 10, 2013

I don’t know about you but my heart goes out to any blind person who crosses my path. I think of all the beauty and colors that they are unable to see especially the ones who are born blind. Here’s some good happy news for a change that I’d like to share with the world at large. 

Artificial Eye/ Retinal Prosthesis could help the Blind see again.

Click on the link below and scroll down to the picture of the artificial eye.

Shawn Kelly, a senior systems scientist at Carnegie Mellon University, has developed a computer chip that translates camera images into electrical pulses that the nerves inside the brain can understand. The result is vision.

The cameras are incredibly small and mounted on a pair of glasses. The digital information picked up from the camera is sent along a wire to a thin film surgically implanted in the back of the patient’s eye, between the sclera and the retina. The electrical signals stimulate the nerves in the retina, and that allows the patient to see. The system is powered via induction – not much current is necessary since the electric field doesn’t have to penetrate far into the head.

Let’s hope it will be available to the public very soon at affordable prices. Better still that insurances will cover this. 

Artificial Eye

GAZA Left in the Dark!

January 10, 2013

I know that we need to focus on the good on the light and bright side of life, to spread goodwill, to spread the positive and all that and basically I agree absolutely with that. BUT there is a but here!

I happened to see this short film today on Al Jazeera, about how the Palestinian civilians have to live their lives in Gaza with sporadic power cuts, every single day of their lives, at different times without warning disrupting their lives. A life void of all human dignity. It is inhuman to say the least. And this is only one part of the tragedy. Yet so-called democratic Israel the occupiers, who act more and more like Nazis, will have their way and no one can do or will do anything about it. I wonder why the whole world, including the rich neighboring Arab countries, turn a blind eye to the plight of the innocent Palestinian civilians in Gaza! Most of the Christian Palestinians were literally chased away out of their homes and land over half a century ago, and the Palestinian Moslems who remained since have been systematically mercilessly and unjustly robbed of their land, their homes, their life and their dignity. Having to worry daily about two basic needs, electricity and water, that is denied them by the Israelis, the people of Gaza are stuck and alone in their misery.

Anyone who cares about human rights, justice, peace, equality, should see this film and pass it on to others to be informed, because mainstream western media does not bring us such news. So to spread peace, light and positive energies one needs to shed light on the injustices and the darkness in this world that exist all around us and that need to be changed.

Gaza Left in the Dark – a documentary

Dr. Devi Shetty, a Philanthropist!

January 6, 2013

I consider myself lucky, I live alone and my time is my own. I can do what I please whenever I please. So why have I been feeling sad since some weeks with a heavy heart? I wondered why this was so because it’s not in my nature. I’m usually an optimist and look at the bright side of everything in spite of all the chaos that goes on in our world. I suddenly realized I’ve been watching too much of CNN news who deliver the worst of the worst of news around the world accompanied with the loudest of music, ads and commercials and they repeat and repeat and repeat more of the same. I don’t hear any happy news about the good that goes on by people of goodwill or if at all only for a few seconds on CNN never to be repeated. I’ve also been watching too much of the Situation Room and Christiane Amanpour who are not any better really, only more reports of the same unhappy news and not very objective at that either. I realized I had to change things pronto to save myself from sinking into a deep depression!

What I do you see, is record the programs that I like to watch on TV to keep up with the news, and I watch them when I make a break during the day from whatever else I’m busy with, or when I want to unwind at the end of the day. So I’ve switched now to BBC world news hour and to Al Jazeera news hour and WOW, what a difference that makes. The BBC news is informative and factual without a loud tralala of hyper music and ads, delivered by a normal speaker with a normal voice, and al Jazeera brings something different too in addition to the daily news headlines. For example this interesting program that I watched today about a doctor in Bangalore India, Dr. Devi Shetty, a philanthropist and a cardiac surgeon with pioneering affordable medical health care for the rich and the poor. The rich who can afford it pay in full for the services and the poor have the medical care for free. You can read about him and his ideas on Just brilliant and so inspirational! So why doesn’t CNN bring spirit uplifting news like that?

Here’s a short video about Dr. Shetty on you tube

This is good food for the soul!  After the horrific heart wrenching story of the rape and murder of a young girl on a bus in Delhi; the rape story of a 15 year old girl in Steubenville Ohio, and the killings in Denver again, one begins to wonder if there is an evil wave of spirits taking possession of some people. How else can one explain such crude, senseless and unforgivable behavior by humans! Men are acting worse than animals. It’s all just too much to bear. On the other side of globe we hear about famous people like fat sloppy gifted actor Gerard Depardieu running off to Russia accepting citizenship there to avoid paying the taxes that the French government is demanding from him. In Russia he only pays 13% of his wealth in taxes versus 75% demanded in France. OK so 75% might be a little too high, but on the other hand, I mean he’s not going to live forever and he’s still very wealthy even after the 75% deduction….but Russia? Give me a break! Talk about GREED for money! There’s no medication yet for the disease of pure GREED unfortunately! Except perhaps an injection of spiritual awareness perhaps?

So we need to focus our attention on the good stuff in this world! There is plenty of goodwill out there too and we need to hear about that! If you have any good inspirational stories about what good people are doing, please pass on to post here. Famous or not makes no difference. There’s nothing more heart warming and energy uplifting than to read and to know about the good souls in this world. We need to hear more about them and to spread their news. I wonder if and when the media will ever wake up to this fact.

I am aware of the CNN Heroes program but I missed that this year, and they don’t bring repeats of that. How about more of such programs CNN?

Raping women is rampant in India and hardly any men are convicted for the crime. Everyone knows that. It is a crying shame that something as drastic as this has to happen before people wake up to demand justice for women victims and to put an end to police corruption.

The same goes for the US and machine guns being sold over the counter! I wonder how many more innocent people have to die before some thing is done about that. 

Happy and Prosperous 2013!

January 1, 2013 – Peace and Prosperity to one and all!

I wish you and all your loved ones a very happy, joyful and prosperous year and many more in the future. May you have many blessings, good health, insight and above all much love, in your life in this new age, the Golden Age. Satya Yuga as known in the ancient Indian scriptures the Vedas. The Golden Age denotes a period of peace, harmony, stability and prosperity and it is up to you to welcome that into your own private life. It is up to all of us to bring peace and prosperity to everyone on earth.

Another beginning of another new year no different from the ones that we’ve all experienced before. Yet wait a moment, there is a huge difference, if you stop a second to feel it. For one our ‘time’ is moving faster and faster as our spaceship earth spins through the universe. Another is the wealth of information that is available to us now, if we are awake, aware, open to receive, to believe, to change and to work with this new knowledge that has always been out there yet was  withheld from the majority of mankind. In the past centuries only the very few had access to this important intelligence. Now its all out in the open available to one and all and again it is up to you to assimilate it and integrate it into your own life style.

Nothing of what you’ve known so far counts any more, nothing of what you have been accustomed to is valid any more. It is a new dawn and like it or not you will have to wake up to face it. You’ll find life to be much more joyful and full of pleasant surprises if you decide to welcome and embrace the new. A life full of miracles is awaiting you.

Who in their right mind would want to continue with their life in deep slumber, oblivious to what really goes on around one, enslaved by negative emotions such as fear, hatred, envy, ignorance or sheer laziness, that holds one forever captive in heavy chains in a deep dark pit? Make a decision, this instance right now, to change all that. Shake your self free of the chains that hold you back and move onwards with the armors of love and joy.

Watch this video for a start and discover the Sumerians in Mesopotamia, the first and the most influential culture in our world. Contrary to what you have been taught, the Sumerians of Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq) are older than the Mayans, the Incas, the Egyptians, The Greeks, the Romans and others. Mythology begins with the Sumerians.

Read my creative non-fiction book Once Upon a Time in Baghdad. It’s about the first two decades of my life in Baghdad the 1940s and 1950s. A life in Iraq long forgotten, when Arabs and non-Arabs, Christians, Jews and Moslems lived and worked side by side in peace. Read about a modern thriving cosmopolitan city of Baghdad that existed not so long ago, now fully destroyed.

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