Daily Archives: 27/02/2013

Children and Music in Uzbekistan! Amazing!

You have to see this to believe it. If you want to be energized and motivated for the day then watch this little boy Edward Yudenich, 7 years, conducting the Student Orchestra of the State Conservatoire of Usbekistan. You can learn conducting in half a year and to play the violin in one year. Also a lesson on how you can excel when you engage yourself body mind and soul. Just watch how every atom of his little frame and his psyche is living the music with passion and how he interacts utterly completely unreservedly with the whole orchestra. Inspiring and uplifting for young and old alike.

Clearly this little boy has a gift and has been encouraged and supported along his way to get to stand there and conduct this orchestra. Sadly so many kids lose out and never get a chance to discover their individual gift whatever that maybe because they do not get the recognition, the encouragement nor the support they deserve from their parents, teachers and schools.

Much too often the teachers and schools are too busy forming the youngsters into molds to suit their own structured limited thinking mainly to keep them under their control, killing any gift or imagination that the child might have; and parents are too set on producing another version of themselves regardless of the individuality of the child and with that, whether intentionally or unintentionally, they kill the very spirit of the kid burying any great gift they might have had forever.

Learning to play an instrument of their liking and music should be a compulsory part of the education of children until the age of fifteen when the youngster can then decide whether to continue or not. 

When will grown ups grow up!