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Be Bold in Your Life Choices!

Never Leave the Playground! 

Who said aging isn’t fun? Just watching and listening to Steven Jepson will put you out of breath. Just look at this 70+ guy, his energy, his enthusiasm is contagious. If you have parents, uncles, aunts who are heading towards the 60s and 70s get them to watch this video. We humans are living longer and longer, the average age is now more near 70 than 40 as it used to be at one time, in the old days! And wouldn’t it be wonderful if all older people were as positive, playful, creative, inventive and energetic like Steven. See for yourself.

He says: Be Bold in Your Life Choices, it will only make your life richer.

His favorite words are exquisite, perfect, wonderful….

Watch him, listen and learn from him! Absolutely Amazing!

The Heart’s Intuitive Intelligence

A Path to Personal Social and Global Coherence !

An overview of the amazing and vital role of the heart in our lives and how our personal energetics shapes our social relationships and ultimately affects global consciousness.


OK I might be exaggerating a little – actually scientists in Cern Switzelrand may have found what they call the God Particle.

Watch this – physicist MIchio Kaku, my all favorite, explain things so well so listen to him explaining the Higgs Boson.  He talks about parallel universes too!

and now watch this little boy explaining the Higgs Boson his way!

Do the Math -The Movie

New Movie About Global Warming with Bill McKibben. Watch, Listen, Think, Understand and join the Movement. Do our children and grandchildren have a future? It is time now to change! to Wake Up!

Spread the word.


Duo Flame and their Amazing Performance

Here’s the most beautiful and  graceful performance you’ve ever seen. Love, harmony, unity, grace in action. Watch, soak it in and enjoy.




Emmanuel on Australia’s XFactor!

Talk about love. Talk about compassion and generosity of spirit. Talk about giving, about hope, about dreams about never giving up no matter what the odds are! I don’t need to write anything about this. Watch Emmanuel as he sings John Lennon’s song Imagine! Look at Emmanuel and listen to his story and you’ll understand.