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Join me to say Happy Birthday To Femen and all women who support freedom for all women. If you know about FEMEN – then bravo! They’ve been at it for some years now. If you want to know more about them and their activities then visit

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Future generations of women who will be free of male domination will probably forget about this generation and all previous generations of brave women who have consistently fought and continue to fight for women’s freedom!

I’ve always wondered exactly who gave the right to men, to politicians, to governments, to religious clerics to have control over women’s bodies? As Femen Group rightly say ‘ Women’s Spring is coming’ and no one can stop that. The energies of the universe are flowing with the female energy.

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Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – Beyond Thinking

This is part four video (please do see parts 1, 2 and 3 below) which you must absolutely see and share with everyone you know!  by AwakenTheWorldFilm

You can visit the website if you wish to buy the DVD.

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – Akasha

This is an absolute must see part one video which you must absolutely share with everyone you know!  by AwakenTheWorldFilm

You can visit the website if you wish to buy the DVD.


Stay Hungry Stay Foolish!

I fell in love with Apple and then with Steven Jobs from day One! I paid a high unheard of price in Switzerland for my very first Apple Mac more than 22 years ago and I’ve stayed an Apple fan ever since. The more I heard about him and his creative projects the more respect I had for him. Be inspired by this short excerpt of a speech by him when he knew he was going to die.

Good advice to follow!

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