Monthly Archives: December 2013

2013 ends with a positive bang!

As huge protests continue more and more in many countries across the world we begin to see a thrilling new behaviour trending where the actual beings behind the masks and armour are waking up  to stand or sit joining the protesting against political and economic corruption. Watch this where police take off their helmets and follow their inner guidance to march with the seekers of justice.

As the illusion of justified tyrannical authority is being exposed many in ‘uniform’ are awakening to their own personal moral compass and responsibility.


And here is a most amazing video of the diversity and wonders of our planet and us – its inhabitants!

Vive la difference!  Vive l’evolution!

I wish everyone happy / peaceful / spiritual holidays and may all your wishes come true in 2014 and the future! Wish for good things for yourself with all your heart, literally, and it will manifest for you. Many of us are experiencing miracles every day, why not you? Close your eyes, smile, breathe in deep, make your wish, and breathe out fully into the universe and let go. Keep smiling, get on with your life and soon you’ll have your own miraculous experience! Don’t forget to close your eyes to say thank you! 

The ‘F’ Word !

We live in unusual times – when I think just a few years ago I would never have dared to post this video to share on line, no matter how funny I find it. But there you are things change and we evolve.

The English language is alive and kicking and there are new words invented and added to the English dictionary every single day including the ‘F’ word Fuck. English becomes flowery and multidimensional to fit in with the times we live in today but also limited in the choice of words i.e. one word suffices to cover a multitude of sins, oops, excuse me, I mean – meanings! The wit is not the same or as dignified, astute  and poetic as in Shakespeare times but still, I have to admit, I couldn’t stop laughing at this video. Here’s the famous spiritual teacher Osho to explain in detail!

The message? Don’t judge, keep it simple, have a sense of humour and laugh! and voilà you join the spirituals of this world!

Reunion of old Friends!

Here’s a Google ad that’s been looked at by over 8 million people around the world most of whom are moved to tears. Hopefully also moved to  long for peace ini this lifetime. I watched it three times and couldn’t stop my tears!

Most of my childhood friends, you see,  disappeared never to be seen again, before I left Baghdad during the civil war back 1958. There’s no reunion for us, only memories remain for those who survived and were scattered around the world. If interested read my book Once Upon a Time in Baghdad, the Two Golden Decades the 40s and 50s! Margo Kirtikar. Packed with historical information of that period.