Daily Archives: 25/05/2014

ARIANNA HUFFINGTON Third Metric of Success!

I LOVE this time of our world history, this age, this moment that we are living right NOW! I’ve been waiting for this for 74 years since the day I was born! And I’m so happy that I am still around to enjoy to share and to celebrate the awakening of the critical mass, as Arianna puts it. Women! Men! Young Executives! Listen to this inspiring talk that dismantles all former beliefs of what success is all about! Finally people have woken up to the fact that success does not mean how much money you have in the bank, what designer clothes you’re wearing or what expensive car you’re driving. Her talk is like balsam to my soul. It reminds me of 20 years back when I went through great lengths to prepare a presentation to talk to MBA business graduates in a well known university in Lausanne titled ‘The Inside Out Approach’! I was invited to give this talk by some board members who were visionaries obviously, but one day before the date, I was informed that sadly no one had registered for this luncheon when my presentation was supposed to be given. They were just not interested in this spiritual new age hoky poky stuff of inward thinking! They just did not want to know! I was so discouraged that I decided that very day to turn my back on the business world and go my way to be a spiritual teacher to individuals who were open minded and ready to discover a more healthy and rewarding path to success the ‘Inside Out Approach’ to life!
NOW it’s time for me to do jumping jacks with grace, gratitude, joy, compassion and love.

Listen to Arianna yourself and be inspired!