The Real Truth About Religion and Its Origins!

Interesting video to watch that will give those who are very religious something to think about! Or should I say re-think about? It will definitely make you shuffle the circuits in your brain around! We are living in the age of information and all esoteric knowledge is now being revealed. So here you have some of it.
I’ve been very busy writing my book on The Illumined Heart and Mind the past months so I haven’t spent much time on surfing and looking for interesting educational mind opening news! Sorry! I plan to have my book available for sale by the end of this month!

1 thought on “The Real Truth About Religion and Its Origins!

  1. philipparees

    Wonderfully clear exposition. Pity about the very end. The attacking of ‘myth’ as being entirely about manipulation and divorced from truth, rather than what had preceded it, in which the transformation of celestial patterns ( pretty close to truth) had been incrementally transformed through ‘religious’ interpretations. Leaving the propaganda out would have made the message much more powerful! But still reblogged for its simple clarity.


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