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Je suis Charlie! Hebdo Paris

Having said what I did in my last post here is another perspective!
What happened to Hebdo Paris is horrific. Nothing I can add to that to give it justice.
But look at what the comic artists of Hebdo came up with a couple of days later?
You really have to take your hat off to them!
These are some highly enlightened people, as all comic artists are really, they have a wonderful sense of humor, and having a sense of humor is a divine gift. They should not be stifled or killed by people of darkness and limited intelligence.


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Brigitte Gabriel gives an answer!

Brigitte Gabriele gives a FANTASTIC answer to a Muslim woman claiming all Muslims are portrayed badly »
This should open some eyes for many to make them think! Even if we are idealistic and want nothing but peace for all on earth, we still should keep our minds open to what is going on around us and not hide our heads in the sand! Listen to what she says loud and clear!