Unsolved Mysteries of Ancient Times

Perhaps we should start wrapping our heads around the fact that we don’t really know much about our ancient past and that it was much more colorful and very different to what we could ever have imagined. After all is said and done, perhaps all the fairy tales and the myths of giants and little people etc. that we know, are based on a reality that once was. Many movies have been made about them and just maybe somebody out there knows a lot more than they are telling us.  As expected by those who follow the teachings of ancient wisdom, ancient knowledge is now being revealed to us, thanks to people like this man, who are so dedicated and passionate about their work. We are for sure living in anomalous times that require us to exercise an open mind and an open heart. Don’t brush this away as nonsense.

Below are videos of part 1 & part 2 of the lectures of the well respected researcher Klaus Dona from Vienna, information that  really forces us to reconsider our human origin and our human history. In order to understand our future, we have to know our past! So I urge you, instead of watching the ridiculous US political debates and exposing yourself to Donald Trump and his shenanigans or to avoid getting depressed from the news of violence and wars of terror worldwide, get your cup of tea or coffee, or beer in this hot weather, sit down relax and watch these videos to expand your knowledge and to be prepared for whatever else is coming our way. Have fun and feel free to share this with your friends. Enjoy the rest of the summer free of terror attacks, fires and floods.

Klaus Dona – Unsolved Mysteries pt.1: Giants, Elongated Skulls & Ooparts

Klaus Dona – Unsolved Mysteries pt.2: Ancient Artifacts & Extreme Antiquity







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