I was at a didjeridoo workshop many years ago when the trainer greeted me with ‘aah and you are a rainbow warrior,’ to which I replied surprised ‘What is a rainbow warrior?’ He said. ‘Rainbow warriors are a group of souls in reincarnation who are dedicated to spread light on earth.’ That did not surprise me at all because that is exactly how I see myself – a ‘light bearer’ since my birth. Nobody told me that, I just feel it. It is my mission to guide people who are searching, towards the light. As you well know, all it takes is one little matchstick to bring light into a pitch dark room. That is why I am convinced that the light will always win.

Don’t let this esoteric language turn you off. I assure you I am present here and have both feet well rooted in mother earth. Yet at the same time, I am always connected to and interact with higher spiritual realms and the very source, which for me have always been and are very real. I am psychic and sense clairvoyant. This just means that I see and sense more than the average person does. Nevertheless, like you, I have all the needs of the material world and I share with you all the experiences of joy, frustrations and heartaches. Like you I am also on the ladder of evolution and always searching and as you well know this is a never ending process.

Born and raised in Baghdad my young years were difficult for my free rebellious spirit. I did not appreciate the gift of my rich heritage from my parents till much later. I survived the Middle East that was confining for me and moved on to Europe, married, had three daughters, raised a family, discovered my strengths and launched my own business all the while keeping my spiritual life to myself, reading, researching, meditating at the same time enjoying disco dancing and hopping around the world. Now I began to appreciate my background and the solid roots I grew up with. I moved on to New York, was active in the international business world, evolved and liberated myself from some of my limiting eastern habits, went back to higher education in my forties, earned degrees in international business, Management and Leadership, Economics and Banking. I earned my Doctorate in the Philosophy of Metaphysics, while all the time still exploring and experimenting with the world of spirituality and self development. In the meantime I discovered that I definitely fit the ADHD personality which explains to me the difficulties I have had throughout my life. 

I continued with my studies and in depth research of both eastern and western religions, psychology and philosophy. I studied both Indian and Chinese arts of healing. I studied Ancient Wisdom Scriptures, Vedic Teachings, Buddhism, Zoroastrianism, The Essenes, Yoga, Pantajali, Agni Yoga, Jung, Theosophy, Omraam Aivanhov, Rumi, Blavatsky, Gurdjeff, Ouspensky, Bennett, Nicholas Roerich, Bahaism, Hunas, I AM Group, Rudolph Steiner, Meister Ekhart, Peter Mandel Color Healing, Barbara Brennen Energy Healing, Astrology and many others. I was on a quest to completing a huge abstract jigsaw puzzle and bit by bit from each book and from each teaching I found a little piece to fit the puzzle, to answer some questions I had. Often I joined the groups to experience personally and to understand more than just to read books in theory and when I felt that I had learned enough I moved on to continue my research elsewhere. I studied human nature, the physical body, Mantak Chia, Qi Gong, Acupressure, alternative health methods, nutrition and anti-aging techniques.

I took the golden nuggets along with me from each teaching, for each and everyone has some golden nuggets. The one teaching that I have diligently and faithfully followed through and still do today, since about two decades, is the teaching from Alice Bailey channelled through the Avatar Djwal Khul, as taught by the Arcane School. These teachings include the Pantajali and Agni Yoga, Blavatsky and Roerich teachings. What appeals to me with the Arcane School is the anonymity and the freedom. A student has to be personally strong, committed and dedicated to continue with the work. No force, no limitations and no personal contacts are exercised at any time. Free will is encouraged.

Although I was born a Christian, I do not feel that I belong solely to any particular religion or teaching. I agree with and support any and all who are open, free, accept and promote free will, goodwill and peace for one and all. I disagree with any teaching that is limiting, who claim to be the one and only true teaching, and who put themselves above, and exclude everyone else.

I have an advantage few have, I’m blessed with a double dose of energy and I usually need very little sleep. I am also in the habit of waking up before 5 am mornings, which makes my day very long and I have plenty of time to do all the things I want to do. As to where this drive comes from? After much reflection, I believe it is inborn, it is an unexplainable inner urge that keeps me going and prompts me when I feel tired and want to stop, to rest, to be lazy. The inner urge is too strong.

In 1990 I returned to Switzerland, turned my back on the business world and decided to commit myself to teaching the art of self development. I wrote a book about personal change, title: You and Change, founded Practical Life Philosophy and gave workshops on positive thinking and mind power. In 1995 I wrote a book to introduce the metaphysical world, Visions Unusual. I had a practice in Zurich for psycho-therapy, acupressure therapy, energy healing, meditation, yoga and coaching. I spoke to groups and on the radio, appeared on TV re women in management, and gave workshops on spiritual growth and self development. In 2000 I wrote another book listing Cosmic and Universal laws. After that I took a sabbatical, spent a lot of time in Buddhist monasteries and travelling. In 2004 I moved to lake Geneva and decided to settle down in the French part of Switzerland. While I enjoy every moment I can spend with my grandsons, I continue with my spiritual and practical work from this lovely part of the world.

Reading, researching and studying ancient wisdom books of scriptures and knowledge is still a part of my daily routine and so is focused meditation. I have, therefore, not only the knowledge but also years of practice and experience. I have helped hundreds of people, on their path of self-development, of all backgrounds and ages, both women and men, younger and older, private and professionals each of whom is unique. All of my clients have gone on to new lives after minor and major calamities, to find new meaning, joy and happiness within themselves, their lives with their family and their work. For me this is my passion, to guide people to the path of light and knowledge, to discover new aspects of the self, to discover their own ‘genie’ within, to discover their own inner strength and to find inner peace by being in touch with their essence and the Life Force.

Update November 2012 I’m still going strong! New!

I am a radio show host with A2Zen.fm and the shows are recorded both on the radio website as well as on iTunes to be downloaded for free. Enter margo kirtikar in iTunes store search and you’ll find all the podcasts.

Update July 2018 – So much change So much chaos – major upheavals!

Had to stop with the radio shows and public speaking, had to take time out for a long while, whereas I spent much of my time and energy on the web, my books, articles, websites and blogs, I had to put it all on the back burner and give my full attention to other more important stuff in my life, family and health issues. I continued with my coaching individuals for a while and finally had to stop that too completely in 2016. In summer 2017 I myself was diagnosed with throat cancer stage 4. I was actually prepared to say goodbye to one and all, was given some months to live if I did not agree to have an operation. Decided to have the operation after all, which ended in being two operations, the second being a major one called ‘Da Vinci Robot’ method. Miracle of miracles, I survived couldn’t speak for over 3 months, still have a problem with eating and swallowing but after almost one year have now fully recovered. I refused chemo and radiation therapy. It seems that life still has some plans for me! I am now in the process of picking up the pieces attending to my various websites and blogs, discovered that I’ve lost one of my blogs completely! Zyenablog.com was hacked about a year ago and has disappeared, can’t be restored. Too bad it had a lot of good spiritual information. What I did not mention is the fact that one of my twin daughters died from cancer beginning of 2016. Although we all knew she suffered from cancer, it still was a shock when she actually left us. Her identical twin sister is left in limbo feeling loss pain and guilt. It changed our whole family dynamics. My three daughters and I are very close, we are now three and not four any more  feeling a bit wobbly. I have to admit that for a long while I just felt empty. Nothing to say nothing to share. I have to take things slowly as my energy is not back yet as before. I find that I need many more hours of sleep. Whereas I used to be able to operate with four or max five hours of sleep now I need six to eight hours. Plus I seem to have slowed down in general. Maybe I should just give myself a little more time to rest and recuperate. Suddenly it makes no sense at all, the rushing around, the media, Trump (!), the world has gone mad, plain loco! The world has turned upside down. Vulgarity, corruption and lies are considered good and what is good and decent is considered undesirable! Evil has taken over! But I still believe in every word that I have ever said or written, and there are many more who think like me and who are out there busy spreading light and wisdom for those who can tear themselves away from their smart phones and selfies to listen ….. it is really scary to see people and the youth of today ….  it is really high time for everyone to wake up so we can reach that tipping point …. so many are still fast asleep chasing the dollar or designer fashion or have their eyes glued to their little screens oblivious of the world around them like robots moving in a trance in invisible chains!

My books Once Upon a Time in Baghdad and  Spiritual Heart Intelligence and my latest book The Illumined Heart and Mind are also available on amazon.

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