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You want to see Auras?

November 24, 2012

By now I guess everybody knows that everything has an aura. If you’re someone who does not believe this then it’s time for you to think again about what you believe or not. Not to worry, no one is forcing you to believe. But read on you might find this interesting. Aura is energy. Aura shows the quality and the color of the energy surrounding you or any object. Some people have a gift and can see this easily, some have to learn to see this. Some people can feel the energy without seeing the aura. If you’re someone who feels energies, then you probably feel when something feels good or bad. Example you meet someone and you instantly feel bad vibes, you feel uncomfortable in the presence of this person/s, which means you are feeling the energies! If you’re someone who sees auras then you might know that dark murky colors is more on the negative side and bright clear rainbow colors are on the positive side. The aura also gives you an idea of what the person is thinking about! The aura also tells you how healthy the person is! How cool is that!

If you don’t see and you don’t feel then here’s help for you. I found this cute young guy who’s showing you how you can learn to see aura. It sounds so easy. All it takes is practice. Practice makes perfect as you know. Or don’t you know that? Well, now you know. Practice makes perfect. If you want to excel and shine at anything you do not have to be a genius, all you need to do is to practice. This is all part and parcel of your self development and moving on to higher consciousness. Watch this video and have fun with it. Joy is the Key for excellence.