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Alternative Education

14 January 2015

Sir Ken Robinson – Educating the Heart and Mind

http://www.dalailamacenter.org Sir Ken Robinson speaks during the Dalai Lama Center’s Educating the Heart Series. He discusses the importance of an education that educates not just the mind, but also the heart.
My comment: I couldn’t agree with him more! This talk was in 2011 and I don’t think much has changed in the meantime where the main stream education is concerned. I wonder how long more we have to wait before we have some enlightened beings running the education system worldwide!
Sir Ken Robinson has a great sense of humor so stick with it and listen to him to the end.

The Supra Humans are Here!

Yes I do mean Supra Humans!
I’d like to share with you my newly self-published book available on amazon.com
Please visit the website for my book http://www.theilluminedheartandmind.com
to read the details. If you have any interest at all in the metaphysical and spiritual worlds, in human evolution and where we are going from here as a human family, you might find some details that you perhaps haven’t heard yet.

The war of Light verses Darkness has already been won! This might be difficult for some to believe. It all depends on your perspective and how you live your life.
The truth is that we are living on earth in two dimensions simultaneously, the 3rd and the 5th dimension. The 4th dimension is time.
Violence, terror, pain, fear, hate, vengeance, killing, greed, criticism, limiting and all other negative energies belong to life on the 3rd dimension. Beauty, love, compassion, sharing, kindness openness, generosity and manifesting miracles belong to the 5th dimension living.

Whatever your intent is, wherever your attention is focused, what you think about and your behaviour shows you which dimension you are experiencing. The choice is entirely yours. Your thoughts create your life. It is literally as simple as that. This is real.
It’s either hell or heaven. The 3rd dimension being hell and the 5th being heaven.
Which one do you want to experience? Hell on earth or heaven on earth? It is YOUR choice.
Focus on what you want to experience. Life on the 5th dimension is full of love, laughter and pure joy on every level of life. Give and spread love and joy and your life will be full of that. Don’t hesitate to give a hand to those who want to join you to make the shift. It is unfortunate but we can’t force those who are not ready.

On the 5th dimension you know and are aware of the fact that everything around you is alive. From humans to plants and stones. Everything has consciousness in different degrees, that’s all. On the 5th dimension you know that we are all connected and each one of us is a part of the whole, if you hurt someone else you are hurting yourself. If you hurt animals or plants or mother earth you are doing harm to yourself as well. In the end we are all one and the same regardless of race, gender or status. We are one with our world and we need to live in love, harmony and peace.

Mother earth has already made the shift to the 5th dimension. That explains why time is flying by. It explains the spread of dis-ease worldwide, our bodies are readjusting to the new higher energy vibrations. Some of us have made the shift, others are catching up and others are still far behind. We are pure energy, energy is all around us. Mother earth is breathing and beating a higher energy rhythm and if we are not in harmony with this higher energy frequency, we suffer as a result unless we too raise our own vibration.

This explains why we need to change our eating and drinking habits. It explains the spread of allergies. Many are switching to gluten free diets. Traditional medicine does not recognize this and think its a passing fad but they are wrong. Many are living on smoothies and juices. Many have switched to vegetarian diets giving up meat. There is so much going on around us that is new to us. It all has to do with the cells of our bodies changing to become lighter in order to hold the higher frequencies. Thousands around the world are living without food. They don’t need to eat because they have developed their light bodies. It all makes a lot of sense if you really take time to study this phenomenon.

Never pooh pooh information that sounds way out to you especially when you know nothing or little about it. Instead be curious, research and read and only then make up your own mind. If you can’t make up your mind then just keep an open mind and listen and read some more until you are convinced and if not, that’s fine too. Even general science is catching up with the metaphysical world and has now accepted many things that they have so far denied. Today we live with an understanding of the head and the heart combined. Head alone doesn’t work any more, i.e. intellect without heart is definitely a thing of the past.

Screen Shot 2015-01-10 at 17.38.26

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One Amazing Project!
I JUST HAD TO SHARE THIS WITH YOU about the kids of Cateura and their recycled orchestra to make you smile in admiration and hopefully fill your hearts with pride and joy at the human race! A short film about transforming trash into music about love, courage and creativity! In spite of all the chaos and ugliness we’re bombarded with through all our media channels who persist in spreading darkness and fear, the wonder of life and the human race is just incredibly inspiring. People with LIGHT GOODNESS INTELLIGENCE AND GOODWILL do exist everywhere. The general media just does not follow their stories. Criminals get more recognition and world exposure! I SAY – Shame on the Media! Share this with your friends, spread the word, there are many good things happening around the world.

Brilliant Man Builds Portable Homes Out Of Trash!

This came across my desk today which I have to share!

Screen Shot 2014-06-30 at 13.27.25

Gregory Kloehn, an artist, decides to shift his focus, from building expensive sculptures that he can sell for big money to rich people, to building portable homes from trash for homeless people. Now how cool is that I ask you? Have a look at the fotos of some of these one room homes for people who would otherwise be sleeping on the street. It’s mind boggling to me while on the one side there are millionaire and billionaire sharks who can think of nothing but making more money for themselves to buy more STUFF to enjoy, while others don’t even have the luxury of a meal a day, or a bed to sleep in. Its heart- warming to see individuals who are doing their utmost to help in whatever way they can. Looking at this in a spiritual sense, Gregory Kloehn is collecting credits for his ascension process, and you better believe it he will be highly rewarded!
I searched google where I found his website and other articles about him but this is the best one that shows his wonder works for the homeless.


Why oh why don’t CNN for example bring us more daily good uplifting heart warming news like this instead of their constant bad news wars and killings.

Consciousness and Sacred Geometry

January 18, 2013

Behavior is what counts!

The structure of the universe is pure consciousness. This means that your behavior is what counts most! It is your consciousness that shapes your reality. What you are experiencing every moment of your life depends on the level of your consciousness. Light and goodness will always win over the dark and the evil. As long as you live in a fear based low vibration energy you are trapped in a limbo state unable to move forward. You can rid yourself of your fear by making a decision to accept things as they are, and  move forward fearless no matter what. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

The Law of Vibration – from my book Cosmic and Universal Laws – available from amazon.com

But watch this video first!

Dr. Devi Shetty, a Philanthropist!

January 6, 2013

I consider myself lucky, I live alone and my time is my own. I can do what I please whenever I please. So why have I been feeling sad since some weeks with a heavy heart? I wondered why this was so because it’s not in my nature. I’m usually an optimist and look at the bright side of everything in spite of all the chaos that goes on in our world. I suddenly realized I’ve been watching too much of CNN news who deliver the worst of the worst of news around the world accompanied with the loudest of music, ads and commercials and they repeat and repeat and repeat more of the same. I don’t hear any happy news about the good that goes on by people of goodwill or if at all only for a few seconds on CNN never to be repeated. I’ve also been watching too much of the Situation Room and Christiane Amanpour who are not any better really, only more reports of the same unhappy news and not very objective at that either. I realized I had to change things pronto to save myself from sinking into a deep depression!

What I do you see, is record the programs that I like to watch on TV to keep up with the news, and I watch them when I make a break during the day from whatever else I’m busy with, or when I want to unwind at the end of the day. So I’ve switched now to BBC world news hour and to Al Jazeera news hour and WOW, what a difference that makes. The BBC news is informative and factual without a loud tralala of hyper music and ads, delivered by a normal speaker with a normal voice, and al Jazeera brings something different too in addition to the daily news headlines. For example this interesting program that I watched today about a doctor in Bangalore India, Dr. Devi Shetty, a philanthropist and a cardiac surgeon with pioneering affordable medical health care for the rich and the poor. The rich who can afford it pay in full for the services and the poor have the medical care for free. You can read about him and his ideas on wikipedia.org Just brilliant and so inspirational! So why doesn’t CNN bring spirit uplifting news like that?

Here’s a short video about Dr. Shetty on you tube

This is good food for the soul!  After the horrific heart wrenching story of the rape and murder of a young girl on a bus in Delhi; the rape story of a 15 year old girl in Steubenville Ohio, and the killings in Denver again, one begins to wonder if there is an evil wave of spirits taking possession of some people. How else can one explain such crude, senseless and unforgivable behavior by humans! Men are acting worse than animals. It’s all just too much to bear. On the other side of globe we hear about famous people like fat sloppy gifted actor Gerard Depardieu running off to Russia accepting citizenship there to avoid paying the taxes that the French government is demanding from him. In Russia he only pays 13% of his wealth in taxes versus 75% demanded in France. OK so 75% might be a little too high, but on the other hand, I mean he’s not going to live forever and he’s still very wealthy even after the 75% deduction….but Russia? Give me a break! Talk about GREED for money! There’s no medication yet for the disease of pure GREED unfortunately! Except perhaps an injection of spiritual awareness perhaps?

So we need to focus our attention on the good stuff in this world! There is plenty of goodwill out there too and we need to hear about that! If you have any good inspirational stories about what good people are doing, please pass on to post here. Famous or not makes no difference. There’s nothing more heart warming and energy uplifting than to read and to know about the good souls in this world. We need to hear more about them and to spread their news. I wonder if and when the media will ever wake up to this fact.

I am aware of the CNN Heroes program but I missed that this year, and they don’t bring repeats of that. How about more of such programs CNN?

Raping women is rampant in India and hardly any men are convicted for the crime. Everyone knows that. It is a crying shame that something as drastic as this has to happen before people wake up to demand justice for women victims and to put an end to police corruption.

The same goes for the US and machine guns being sold over the counter! I wonder how many more innocent people have to die before some thing is done about that.