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Maysoon Zayid – Comedian

Here’s an inspirational comedian for you – worth watching!

Unique Pedestrian Traffic Sign in Norway!

Traffic Sign makes people do the Monty Phython Silly Walk!

We all know by now that it is very very healthy to laugh. When you laugh you produce hormones that heal your body that make you feel good all round. So you should all have at least one good belly laugh a day, to get rid of many little aches and pains. You don’t get this subscription from any doctor simply because s/he can’t say to you ‘Go home and have a good laugh’ and then send you a bill!
Well it seems someone in Norway had this brilliant idea which should be copied in all cities! Watch this and laugh! Kudos to whoever had this creative brilliant idea to make people laugh! And we should all be allowed to do something silly if only to let the child in us have some fun.
Oh and for those of you who do not know this. The Ministry of Silly Walks was a series of a TV program aired in the UK many years ago where everyone in the Ministry had to silly walk! Maybe if we all walk silly we’ll have some peace on earth!With everyone laughing how can one think of violence.

The ‘F’ Word !

We live in unusual times – when I think just a few years ago I would never have dared to post this video to share on line, no matter how funny I find it. But there you are things change and we evolve.

The English language is alive and kicking and there are new words invented and added to the English dictionary every single day including the ‘F’ word Fuck. English becomes flowery and multidimensional to fit in with the times we live in today but also limited in the choice of words i.e. one word suffices to cover a multitude of sins, oops, excuse me, I mean – meanings! The wit is not the same or as dignified, astute  and poetic as in Shakespeare times but still, I have to admit, I couldn’t stop laughing at this video. Here’s the famous spiritual teacher Osho to explain in detail!

The message? Don’t judge, keep it simple, have a sense of humour and laugh! and voilà you join the spirituals of this world!