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Brilliant Man Builds Portable Homes Out Of Trash!

This came across my desk today which I have to share!

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Gregory Kloehn, an artist, decides to shift his focus, from building expensive sculptures that he can sell for big money to rich people, to building portable homes from trash for homeless people. Now how cool is that I ask you? Have a look at the fotos of some of these one room homes for people who would otherwise be sleeping on the street. It’s mind boggling to me while on the one side there are millionaire and billionaire sharks who can think of nothing but making more money for themselves to buy more STUFF to enjoy, while others don’t even have the luxury of a meal a day, or a bed to sleep in. Its heart- warming to see individuals who are doing their utmost to help in whatever way they can. Looking at this in a spiritual sense, Gregory Kloehn is collecting credits for his ascension process, and you better believe it he will be highly rewarded!
I searched google where I found his website and other articles about him but this is the best one that shows his wonder works for the homeless.


Why oh why don’t CNN for example bring us more daily good uplifting heart warming news like this instead of their constant bad news wars and killings.

Santa Claus Swiss Team goes to Work!

December 6, 2012

Swiss Kids can now mail their letters to Santa! Santa’s Swiss Christmas team is at work again, preparing to answer letters from children and to forward them on to Santa’s official address in Rovaniemi in Finland. The Swiss team is based in Chiasso, Ticino, the Italian speaking south part of Switzerland. Last year they received 16,077 letters, drawings or small objects such as tiny cars for Santa, and they managed to answer, with a Christmas tale and small gift and thank you card, 15,400 of the letters.

The other 4 percent had so little information about the sender it was impossible to send a reply. The letters come in a variety of languages, with some creative mailing addresses, such as Gesu Bambino, Via delle stelle, Paradiso, Liebes Christkind im Himmel, Père Noel, and Pole Nord! Very creative kids with lots of imagination!

Santa’s helpers send their replies in English, French, Italian, German and Romantsch, the fourth language in Switzerland still in use by a small number of Swiss with their own schools and radio station. The letters sent are postmarked Berne Bethlehem. Berne is the capital of Switzerland and that’s where the Swiss head post office is!

It is that magical time again! Magical for the kids, also for us grown ups as we remember friends and family members, share dinners and gifts. Let’s try to be more conscientious this year about spending money for useless presents, drinks or parties. Let’s try to be more generous than usual this Christmas, less selfish, let’s think of the millions of kids around the world who cannot celebrate Christmas nor have any idea what it feels like to receive a gift! Let’s give to at least one child in our area  who is in need. Let’s make a point to be kind to kids, the elderly and sensitive to needy families around us. As per the Cosmic Law of Giving, the more we give, the more we will receive. Give without expecting anything in return and this law will surely work for you.

This is a very very special year, we are witnessing some extraordinary times in the history of humanity, there won’t be another one like it in millions years to come. It is high time now for us all to let go of all greed, resentments, anger, fear and any other negative energies that we might still be holding on to. Instead let’s try genuinely to fill our heart with kindness, compassion and love for all living beings. You’ll feel all the better for it as you flow with these positive feelings, with the cosmic waves of the energies of the Aquarius age flooding our planet. May peace reign on earth and may all beings be happy.