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The Dancing Candy Floss Maker!

We had Candy Floss even in Baghdad when I was a kid! But this a far cry from how it was made and served. As exciting as it was then, this here just beats it. Using modern technology and lively music who can resist candy floss? I watched this and could literally taste the candy floss! Nowadays I think you can buy it only when its circus time or some other public fair. We used to have the candy floss makers standing on the road side the whole summer through! I love it.


“Weird Al” Yankovic – Word Crimes!

First e mail I received this morning from one of my gorgeous daughter, after I dragged myself out of bed wondered around in a daze then decided to see what’s in my e mail box and here it is! It woke me up, put a smile on my face, got me moving my butt in my chair, and then to clap my hands and move the rest of my lazy bones! Sure felt good. So I thought I’d share with you. Good for the soul, the body, emotions and brains to boot! So enjoy!
If they have this kind of teaching in schools everyone would grow up to be a genius!

“Weird Al” Yankovic’s new album “Mandatory Fun” out now on iTunes: http://smarturl.it/MandatoryFun

Do Schools Kill Ceativity?

Listen to Sir Ken Robinson about education. I know this is an old video but it is still very valid and it always hit home with me! He has such a lovely sense of humor too! I relate to this because I am also what one would label as ADHD now although like he says this condition was not known when I was born. The Roman Catholic nuns managed to cut me down to size, it was painful! Still suffer from that actually. They shattered my self-confidence and love for life! I’ve recovered some but not all together. It still comes up now and again! So it feels good for me to hear someone who thinks like I do.

The ‘F’ Word !

We live in unusual times – when I think just a few years ago I would never have dared to post this video to share on line, no matter how funny I find it. But there you are things change and we evolve.

The English language is alive and kicking and there are new words invented and added to the English dictionary every single day including the ‘F’ word Fuck. English becomes flowery and multidimensional to fit in with the times we live in today but also limited in the choice of words i.e. one word suffices to cover a multitude of sins, oops, excuse me, I mean – meanings! The wit is not the same or as dignified, astute  and poetic as in Shakespeare times but still, I have to admit, I couldn’t stop laughing at this video. Here’s the famous spiritual teacher Osho to explain in detail!

The message? Don’t judge, keep it simple, have a sense of humour and laugh! and voilà you join the spirituals of this world!

Let’s all Imagine together!

Imagine there’s no heaven by John Lennon !


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