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WADJDA in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

The movie is an authentic Saudi Arabian, written and directed by a Saudi Arabian female, Haifaa al Mansour. It gives us a little peek into women’s lives in Saudi Arabia. I repeat only a little peek. If you are intrigued about this closed society where women are treated as second class citizens, who have to cover up in black, their faces hidden in public with no freedom rights, whose sole purpose is to please and do men’s bidding, then you’ll want to watch this. The dialogue is in Arabic but with English subtitles.
Its wonderful to see the spirit of this little girl, her motivation, determination, vision, desire, and I only wonder how long will it take to break her spirit! When she gets married off to an older man before she’s fifteen and then perhaps later even more, when he gets his second or third or fourth wife legally? They (I think you know who I mean by they) enjoy all the modern technology plus some because they can afford it but they have not yet evolved enough to understand that it is the male who determines the gender of the child and not the female, that woman is just as important as man in the scheme of life, that freedom is a universal law, that men who are evolved are able control their sex desires and do not have to attack a woman just because they see her face! (sorry I had to I just had to let it out)
And how dismal to see all those women walking around in black! ‘God’ which is Arabic for ‘Allah’ has nothing but abundance in the universe, just note all the colours of nature!
Do you see the bitterness, anger and despair in some of the teachers’ faces as they impose the impossible rules of their society on the younger girls?
More interesting even is to read about the director and how the movie was made
on wikipedia http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wadjda Enjoy!

By the way I want to say thank you, thank you from the bottom of my heart, to all who are following my blog, for all the encouraging comments, and those who share my blogs with their followers. I do enjoy reading all your comments so here’s an official thank you, and a huge warm hug to one and all.
May nothing but love and peace reign on earth! May there be an end to this chaos, madness and ignorance! If only intelligence were contagious, we would have heaven on earth!

Edible Landscape and Activism!

How we can Eat our Landscape!

Motto: If you Eat You are In!

A Happy New Year from the bottom of my Sacred Heart to one and all. May it be filled with Health, Love, Light and Prosperity.

Here’s a talk on TED.com by Pam Warhurst that inspires me to make this my first blog entry for 2014!  Become an activist and join THE GREAT SHIFT towards a kinder world.

Watch this video and be inspired and motivated to start your new year with a BIG BANG by doing something new, something extraordinary, something inclusive, something heart warming. Listen to energetic Pam tell her story and you’ll want to join this revolution with propaganda gardening in your own town.

Children and Music in Uzbekistan! Amazing!

You have to see this to believe it. If you want to be energized and motivated for the day then watch this little boy Edward Yudenich, 7 years, conducting the Student Orchestra of the State Conservatoire of Usbekistan. You can learn conducting in half a year and to play the violin in one year. Also a lesson on how you can excel when you engage yourself body mind and soul. Just watch how every atom of his little frame and his psyche is living the music with passion and how he interacts utterly completely unreservedly with the whole orchestra. Inspiring and uplifting for young and old alike.

Clearly this little boy has a gift and has been encouraged and supported along his way to get to stand there and conduct this orchestra. Sadly so many kids lose out and never get a chance to discover their individual gift whatever that maybe because they do not get the recognition, the encouragement nor the support they deserve from their parents, teachers and schools.

Much too often the teachers and schools are too busy forming the youngsters into molds to suit their own structured limited thinking mainly to keep them under their control, killing any gift or imagination that the child might have; and parents are too set on producing another version of themselves regardless of the individuality of the child and with that, whether intentionally or unintentionally, they kill the very spirit of the kid burying any great gift they might have had forever.

Learning to play an instrument of their liking and music should be a compulsory part of the education of children until the age of fifteen when the youngster can then decide whether to continue or not. 

When will grown ups grow up!