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Stargate Portal at The Great Ziggurat of Ur in Iraq

19 July 2017

Stargates and Portals are real and exist on Earth today and many of them have been found. Much is kept secret but gradually with the internet everything is being revealed.

Watch this short video and digest……



5 Future Predictions For the Human Race

12 June 2016

This might be interesting for you. A little scary perhaps but it seems this is the reality of things to come. Many sic fi movies have been preparing us for this, and some of this is already in existence now. Keep an open mind, take it with a pinch of salt and a dash of humour. Our world today is so far away from what it was for our parents, so why would we think that the next generations will continue with life as it is for us today? Enjoy.

Ancient Aircrafts and Extraterrestrials.

Hidden treasures revealed in Afghanistan

From the Culture of War to the Culture of Peace!  It is time to think out of the box and to see beyond the crap we are fed by the media. Here are two videos that explain what the fighting is all about in Afghanistan. So much is being hidden from the public eye but thanks to the internet very slowly everything is being revealed.  We just need to be interested, to take away our focus from TV programs that turn us to passive zombies and consumer machines. It is really high time to wake up. Over 10 years ago I visited a Mystery Park near Interlaken in Switzerland belonging to  Erich van Denizen. Unfortunately its closed now, but at the time, I was able to buy several very interesting books in their bookshop, ex: Chariots of the Gods, Viana Aircraft of Ancient India and Atlantis, etc. Watch these 2 videos for yourself, have an open mind, and think what if its all true. What does it mean for humanity? I for one definitely believe it is all true because I’ve been reading and following and informing myself through many channels, spiritual, scientific, history, and more. The internet now makes it so easy for us to educate ourselves, if only we have the patience, the curiosity and to make an effort to use our brains. We need to use our intelligence because there is a whole lot of nonsense on the net as well, so we need to be able to recognize what is true or what has at least a seed of truth and what is poppycock! I also believe that there is always a seed of truth in every Myth.

Secret 5000 Year Old Vimana Found!

Is the Value of your Money About to Change?

I really believe in general knowledge especially information that affects our lives. Some people prefer to bury their head in the sand and stay in their comfort zone afraid of the unknown, and others really want to know! Here’s a video with important information.So grab a cup of coffee, settle down to watch and listen attentively.

Scientific Racism The Eugenics of Social Darwinism

I love the web and all the things that I discover to expand my knowledge and understanding of the human race! We have many stories of the winners throughout the centuries, now we get to hear the other side of the stories! Not very nice.

Conscious Parenting!

Conscious Parenting: Dr. Shefali Tsabary at TEDx a clinical psychologist with a private practice in New York, author of the award winning book ‘The Conscious Parent.’

This you have to listen to! Grandparents parents and parents to be!

Inner Worlds, Outer Worlds – Akasha

This is an absolute must see part one video which you must absolutely share with everyone you know!  by AwakenTheWorldFilm

You can visit the website http://www.innerworldsmovie.com if you wish to buy the DVD.


What is Consciousness?

November 19, 2012

Yeah – what is Consciousness?

In my books consciousness is what make us human. HUman. Get it? HU is  another name for GOD or the Divine, which makes us Godly or Divine beings. This is what separates us from animals. So a part of us is not physical but spiritual and consciousness which is invisible. Scientists are busy searching desperately to find consciousness in the brain mass! What a waste of time and money! The brain mass is a part of the hardware. Without the software programs the hardware cannot do anything, can it? And without someone operating the software programs……….

The physical body is a magnificent awesome incredible factory created by some  super brilliant Genius!  Consciousness and Spirit which can only express itself individually through the physical brain and physical body is what gives it life. This simply means, to me anyway, that I, Me, Myself is an invisible mysterious entity, a spiritual entity and I use my physical body, for as long as it can serve me, to express myself and to experience physical life.

Without my physical body, whoever I am, wherever I come from, wherever I exist cannot possibly join in the fun or the hazards of life on earth without a physical body. The more conscious I am, the more aware I am, the more I understand, the more I perceive, the more I live on a higher level  of existence and the more control I have over this physical body. This means I AM the captain of this ship as long as it holds together through the rough storms of life one earth. And once this body is gone then I AM off to greener pastures!

Here’s something for you to reflect on and to wonder…..