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Indigo and Crystal Children!

November 29, 2012

My daughter is blessed with two boys and I love them all to death. One of my grandsons has all the symptoms of being an Indigo teenager, he’s going on 13, and the other one, going on 10,  has all the symptoms of being a Crystal child.  She certainly has her hands full and sometimes it all gets to be just a wee bit tooooooo much! It also gets too much for the teachers obviously who have not been trained for the younger generation. Needless to say the indigo has a huge problem in school, no one knows how to handle him. Here’s a photo I received today from my daughter and the text she added to it. I’m glad to say she was in a good mood today so she found it funny too as I did when I saw it. He usually drives her bananas or up the wall, either way, she’s ready to pull her hair out!  R hates studying as much as he hates authority and constantly disrupts the class with his mischievous behavior. His concentration span is about 10 minutes max, if he’s interested at all that is. The Khan Academy guy got it just right! He knows what he’s talking about and he found a good solution for the English speaking public. I wonder when he can have his videos translated to French.

Here’s what my daughter wrote: Just found this photo on my photo booth that R did a few months ago, he is funny I must say, he should really get into comedy. I think he’s imitating his German teacher here!  I have to add here that my grandson is a handsome little fella…usually!  God, if that’s what his German teacher is like I don’t blame him! Do you? I couldn’t stop laughing! And as I am suffering from a bad cough right now, I was laughing and coughing, laughing and coughing……….My daughter is trying to find him a special school for ADHD kids and all she gets from him is: You want to send me away because you don’t love me!  He sure knows how to press her buttons the little rascal. Of course as his grandmama he twirls me around his little finger easy! I know exactly how he feels, because, I am an indigo too you see and I used those very same words too. Indigos were always here only not in such a large number as now. No one knew of these words back then, indigo, crystal, adhd, add and all that. Kids were just branded different and very difficult.