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Welcome to Aquariantime!

December 21, 2012

Here we are, we’ve crossed over officially, the alignment of the sun, earth and the centre of the galaxy is now history. Definitely a one in a lifetime event not to happen again probably ever! Who knows? And we are all here and alive!

Some people really believed that it would be the end of the world, or did they? Maybe they just enjoy the hype, the noise, the partying, the drinking and the dancing!

We are now in the Aquarius Age when the cycle of the Female Energy Guard is taking over from the Male Energy Guard which has reigned our earth for thousands of years, causing much conflict, havoc, war and heartache. Now we can look forward to peace, love, compassion and more of the same positive qualities which will eventually reign over earth and the cosmos. This won’t happen overnight of course, but be assured it will be over the next few years. We have actually seen the beginnings of this all around us worldwide  with many wrongs being exposed and the call of the people to put things right. Mother earth and nature itself join in helping to clear the way for the unity consciousness of the new age.

Now is the time for you to evolve to make the shift from brain consciousness to heart consciousness. Any leaders out there still thinking with their brains and their intellect? Any left brain people out there still who demand physical proof? Take note – Thinking with your brain is OUT, thinking with your heart is IN! It’s duality consciousness versus UNITY CONSCIOUSNESS. If ever there was a time to wake up from a deep slumber – the moment is NOW to begin to learn to live in your heart, the gateway to the Divine!

May we all enjoy the journey of our evolution, may all Beings be healthy and happy! May all suffering end!

Take a little time to watch this short video. 

The Power of the Heart 

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10 Super Health Foods

November 11, 2012

I thought I’d like to share this video with you from Corrina Rachel, it’s on you tube, explaining the 10 best nutritious foods that we should make sure to include in our daily diet.

10 Super Foods

If you’re interested in developing your Light Body this is an excellent tip as one of the steps to bring you nearer to your goal.

Tips on how to go from junk foods to health foods!

  • Take it slowly, one step at a time. The wise tortoise approach here is better than the rash fast huffing and puffing hare approach!
  • Stock the health foods at home to make sure you have them handy.
  • Begin to include them a meal at a time i.e. one meal a week, then go to two meals, then go to three meals a day. So that after a few weeks you end up with one healthy day a week. For one day a week you eat no junk food, only healthy food passes your lips!
  • Keep that up and continue with adding another meal at a time on another day so that you end up with 2 days a week of nothing but healthy foods.
  • Continue with this pattern and take as long as it takes you and your body to adjust. Until you get to 6 days a week of health food and on the seventh you eat all the foods you desire. This can take you weeks or even months, it does not matter, go at your own pace.
  • Drink a lot of water, healthy still water, preferably not sparkled.
  • No alcohol, no coffee, no black tea, or if at all just one glass or one cup per day. No sodas!
  • Drink a lot of herb teas. You’ll get used to it. The human is a creature of habit.
  • Cut out sugars and sweet stuff as much as you can.
  • Exercise daily at least one hour of walking. If you can do the gym or swimming or jogging even better.
  • Breathe consciously i.e. be aware of every breath you breathe. Your breath connects you with the Creator. Breathe as much fresh air as possible.
  • Make sure to get enough healthy sleep. Your soul needs the good rest to recuperate from the day’s ordeals. Besides if you give your problems up to dreamland, you will find the solutions and they will be clear to you when you are awake.

The more your body gets used to healthy quality live food, the more your body will desire that and the better you will feel. Don’t despair if you keep breaking your pattern, just keep on,  listen to your better judgement, the constructive voice within you. That’s the one who cares about you and loves you! Do not listen to your monster within that keeps leading you on the wrong path. That’s the one to ignore. The more you ignore that destructive voice within the fainter it will get. Don’t give up on yourself. You are much greater than you think.

Healthy food is nourishing, energizing, improves the mind and brain power and also helps with keeping your emotions on the positive track. Good Luck and above all have fun! Life is about doing what you do with much JOY!